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Wide range of colours

AMAL’s range of 12 stunning shades of organic lipsticks has been carefully created to flatter, enhance and empower. Everything you need to achieve the perfect pouty lips.


Design and beauty go hand in hand. Each AMAL lipstick case includes a stylish mirror allowing instant application. As long as you have AMAL, your lips will be always be luscious.

Awesome lights

AMAL´s unique lipstick cases are equipped with a fantastic light, so you can apply your lipstick whenever and wherever you want and you can present your pouty lips at any time.


AMAL has created a halal make up brand designed to suit women and which is sensitive to Islamic culture. All elements involved the production of our halal cosmetics are certified by the Halal Association in the UK.

Cruelty free

AMAL lipsticks can be safely enjoyed by people who care about themselves and the treatment of animals. All of our eco-friendly lipsticks are approved by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as cruelty free makeup.

100% Vegan

AMAL lipsticks have been developed to be 100% vegan friendly. No animal products have been used in the production of our organic cosmetics. Wearing AMAL vegan lipstick is healthy, ethical and exciting.

Gluten free

AMAL organic lipstick is also suitable for women with food intolerances. Our lipsticks are guaranteed 100% gluten free.

Made in the UK

AMAL eco-friendly makeup is manufactured in the UK using only the best natural ingredients to create truly luxurious high quality natural cosmetics.